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The #1 Destination of Travelers.

Why Travel Nepal ?

Nepal is one of the most beautiful country to visit. It is a diverse unity of culture, nature, geography and religion not to forget the famous hospitality of Nepali People. Here you will find the best reason to travel to Nepal.

Mountains : 

40% of the Total area of Nepal is covered by the Great Mountains including 8 out of 14 above 8000 m high mountains in the world. The
Mount Everest, highest peak in the world is the glorious attraction to Nepal too. Numerous glaciers, high altitude lakes and valleys alongside also fascinates the travelers. Lots of trekking routes and activities have made these mountains accessible to the travelers making Nepal the top destination for Travelling.


People & Culture: 

125 Diverse ethnic group with 123 different languages makes Nepal unique, unity in diversity. The culture of each ethnic group is different and rich in their own ways. Dressing codes, fooding habits and housing patterns are different that gives the travelers a unique experience in Nepal. Tradition and culture has great value here and will amaze everybody with the lifestyle and preservation of the culture. As well as Nepalese people are well renowned for their warm hospitality.



world heritage siteUNESCO has listed 4 World Heritage Sites in Nepal:- Kathmandu Valley and Lumbini as Cultural Heritage Sites and Sagarmatha and Chitwan National Park as Natural Heritage Sites. Observing the architecturally beautiful, historically important, religiously attached cultural heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley has always been magnificent and impressive and such impression can be felt by visiting cultural world heritage sites; Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changu Narayan temple and Boudhanath Stupa where as Pashupatinath temple and Swayambhunath temple are very much companion to our Kathmandu Valley civilization for both Buddhist and Hindu especially to the Newar community. Lumbini, the birth palce of Silddhartha Gautam buddha is the center of attraction for the entire world.
If you are nature lover in terms its rich and unique flora and fauna along with topographic beauty, Sagarmatha and Chitwan National Parks are two natural heritage sites under UNESCO situated in mountain region and plain belt of Nepal respectively. In fact, these cultural heritages will bring back you to the medieval period and make you think how much creative they were! These natural heritages make you feels the commitment of Nepal toward nature conservation


Natural Beauty : 

Natural beauty is, in fact, is the ornament of Nepal. The majestic and towering snow capped mountains are the most valuable natural beauties that have fascinated huge travelers. Then, lakes and rivers originated from these snow capped mountains flowing along the gorge made by forest capped big hills adds charm to the beauty of this country. The huge forest area sheltering different floras and faunas give great pleasure to the nature gazing and wildlife viewing eyes of travelers and finding peace in the mother nature.

natural beauty


Wild Life : 

Majestic altitude variation from 60m to 8848 m enriches Nepal with almost all type of topographic and climatic variation found in the world thus making Nepal rich on biodiversity. The 44.75% of total land of this country is covered by forest which has given shelter to 184 types of mammals, 871 types of birds, 181 types of reptiles, 669 types of butterflies, 174 types of fishes where as 10% of total plant species in the world are found in the country, which cover 0.03% of total land in the map of world. There are 10 National Parks, 3 Wild Life
Reserves, 21 Wet Land Areas, 6 Conservation Areas, 1 Hunting Reserves and many Ecotourism spots. The Royal Bengal tigers, wild Asiatic Elephants, One-Horned Rhinos and Swamp Deers openly forage the lowlands where as the Himalayan Black Bears, Red Pandas, Wild DogS and Snow Leopards prowled the elusive mountainous terrains. Similarly, between them is a hilly region shelters a legion of wildlife that includes Ghorals, Red Pandas, Spotted Leopards, Wild Boars, Antelopes and Deers.


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